Description of Biomass Briquetting

Impact Briquetter Description

The Infinite Briquetting " Little Master " IB series is a revolution in the Briquetting technology.

It encompasses many traditional briquetting ideas and utilizes today’s cutting edge engineering & technology ,which makes the machine more operator friendly ,durable , problem free while ensuring high performance & efficient processing around the clock.

In simple words , Infinite Briquetters are  best in class in terms of reliability, performance, maintenance and cost of  operation. The advancements in our  design have resulted in a reduction in power consumption by up to 30% in the briquetting press and increased output by up to 20% viz-a-viz industry standards.
The Infinite briquetters  "Little master" are supported by the most advanced software available

( CAD, Solidworks etc) while most parts are CNC machined & certified with the strict quality control procedure ( As per CE standards) & as a result  our briquetters can produce extremely high quality briquettes, due to high pressure exerted in the compression chamber.

The superior ratio between the hourly Output/kw used & the low running cost are particularly advantages compared with other technologies compared on  the market.

Infinite have also added a number of features for reducing maintenance requirements and drastically cutting down time resulting in improved availability and lower maintenance costs like compact die holder with no cooling requirement, two piece punch, VFD feeding system etc.

In short Infinite Briquetting system are technically advanced & equipped with extra features, making briquetting most easy for any Biomass makes the project the project viable in any location..

The Unique feature of Infinite Briquetters " Little Master" IB Series are as follows :

Infinite " Little master" consist of followings sub parts :

Briquetting Press

The biomass briquetting press is of reciprocating type capable of handling impact loads  necessary for the briquetting process.
The press comprises of a cranking mechanism complete with all necessary bearings, inertia loads and fasteners to ensure minimum friction and maximum reliability of operation. The body shall be of fabricated MS construction with adequate thickness and appropriate stiffeners and buttresses to meet the shock load requirements. All load bearing and moving parts shall be of materials and hardness as per the requirements of their respective duties to ensure longer life and trouble free operation. Flywheels with adequate moment of Inertia shall be provided to restrict the load variation on the drive motor  to within 5% of its maximum load and to ensure smooth and safe operation of the machine.

The power transmission shall be by a multi layer, heavy duty, nylon reinforced leather belt. The machine shall have a transparent acrylic cover for easy and quick inspection.

Dies and Die holder

The compaction of biomass shall be achieved by a pressing the biomass in the feeder box through a set of dies, housed in the die holder, which shall be positioned in the front side of the body of the machine suitably secured by clamps. All dies shall be of special alloy steel and suitably hardened to ensure longer life.
The punch which presses the biomass shall be fastened to the piston by means of a collet for easy removal and easy alignment. The punch shall also be hardened special alloy steel for maximum life.

Biomass Feeding

Material Conveyor Screw
The  material  conveyor  would  transfer  the   biomass  into  the  feed hopper of the briquetting machine.  The material  conveyor  would be  a screw  conveyor  of  sufficient  capacity.  It  shall be  located  between  the Material storage/Holding Bin (Optional) & feed hopper of Briquettor.  The  screw  conveyor would  be  driven  by  a motor  through reduction gear.   The  motor is provided with a variable frequency drive so that the  speed  of  the  screw  conveyor  can  be  varied  and the  quantity  of  material  fed  into  the  system  is controlled. 

Vertical Screw
The feed hopper (vertical) shall be fitted with a vertical screw to force the biomass into the feeder box to ensure maximum output and free flow of the biomass within the hopper. The vertical screw shall be driven by an electric motor through speed reducing mechanism. The vertical hopper shall also have view ports with transparent acrylic sheet for viewing the biomass flow within the hopper.

Lubrication System

The lubrication of the moving parts shall by pressurised oil film lubrication to ensure longest life of the bearings and other moving parts. The lubrication system shall consist of an oil cooling and pumping unit and a distribution system.

The oil pump with electric motor drive mounted on an oil reservoir with a suitably sized oil filter. The oil reservoir design shall be such that it shall act as a cross flow heat exchanger with copper tubes. The oil shall flow on the shell side and the cooling water on the tube side.

The Oil distribution shall be by means of a distribution header located in the back plate of the machine body. The oil distribution shall be by means of copper tubes to the stationary parts. The oil distribution to moving parts shall be by steel wire reinforced flexible rubber tubes. The oil flowing out from the bushes is collected within the machine body and flows back to the oil reservoir by gravity. Suitable and adequate number of oil seals and O rings are provided to prevent leakage of oil from the machine.

Control Panel

The control panel shall be of  control station type
The control panel shall be equipped with suitable ammeter ,voltmeter indicating lamps and push buttons for control of main motor, oil pump drive motor and vertical screw drive motor.

The control panel shall have a star delta starter for the main motor with suitable relays and timers and DOL starters for the other two motors. All starters shall be suitably inter-linked to ensure proper sequence for starting and stopping. An MCB of suitable rating shall also be provided to ensure the safety of the motors and the panel. Provision for incorporating starter and controls for feed screw motor shall also be provided in the panel.